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Going to Xanadu Nature Estate,

Is Going Home 

Adopt the peace of nature,
her secret is patience,

Xanadu offers you the opportunity to start your journey as a homeowner with your very first home.

Perhaps a small 2-bedroom apartment where you can dream big into your ideal family home. 


As your career and family grow, we offer you the perfect house where you will never lose your security and be assured that your harmony will never be disrupted. 

Your neighbours become like family, your kids go to school on the premises and you are supported by an entire community.


When the time comes to live slowly and enjoy the fruit of your hard work you can retire knowing that you will never need to leave Xanadu as there will always be a place for you.


Your family home becomes the home where your children raise their families and you settle down in the beautiful Lifestyle Village. 

In Xanadu, there is no reason to move out, only to move on.

Live Slow.


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What Our Residents Think

Living in a Nature Estate for me has been one of the best experiences. I have always loved nature and more so being one with it.

- Amelia Phefo

We love the spacious surroundings, the beautiful nature, the magnificent sunsets and the roaming wildlife on the Estate.

- Gill Arlow

 We know of no other place within easy reach of all necessary amenities in a beautiful country setting where one can be so close to nature and yet have the infrastructure required for your daily needs

- Robert Kaiser

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