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Our fauna in the estate

Our Fauna

With our focus on conserving and protecting the environment, our residents have the unparalleled opportunity to live closely alongside nature. Ungulates such as blesbok or nyala roam the Estate and smaller creatures such as mongoose, porcupine and bush babies live in the woodlands. We are home to 280 different species of birds which can be observed from 4 different bird hides scattered throughout the Estate.

Black Wildebeest

Connochaetes gnou

Black wildebeest, which is also known as the white-tailed gnu, has a white fluffy tail that resembles a horse’s tail, but as its name suggests, black wildebeest is indeed blackish in colour. This mammal is an even-toed ungulate antelope species and is endemic to South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho.



Tragelaphus angasi

The handsome slate-brown shaggy coat is marked with white vertical stripes and spots on the flanks. Bulls appear more charcoal-grey in colour. The bulls have long inward curved horns (650 mm) and a white chevroned face.

They have a ridge of long hairs along the underparts, from behind the chin to between the hind legs, they also have a mane of thick, black hair from the head along the spine to the rump.

Xanadu Bird Count 

10 February 2024

The annual bird count plays a crucial role as an indicator of ecological health and resilience. On a early morning on the 10th of February, against the beautiful backdrop of our greenbelt, the Eco Committee led volunteers in the cherished tradition of avian conservation.


We express our sincere gratitude to the Eco Committee members for their relentless dedication, making this initiative a reality. Your commitment to preserving our natural heritage inspires us all, highlighting the impactful results of collective conservation efforts.

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